Ginny Weaver Design was founded in 2000 by web designer Ginny Weaver. Initially formed as a side venture while she worked as a web designer for the custom training company Brattle Systems and, later, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Ginny’s business steadily grew to the point where, in 2007, she could make it her full-time pursuit. Since then, she’s continued developing a wide range of websites for an ever-growing base of clients.

Based in Lawrence, KS, Ginny works with both local and national clients, ranging from small business owners to large federal government agencies. Many of her clients have been using her services for years, and a large proportion of new business comes from referrals from happy clients.

Every website comes with its own unique requirements, and her years of experience allow Ginny to identify the best possible solutions for each one. Her websites not only look great, but they function beautifully as well.

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Ginny Weaver